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John uses Ludwig drums, Zildjian cymbals, Pro-Mark sticks, DW pedals, Remo heads
and ClearSonic sound barriers.


     John uses pieces from his very first kit. It has expanded to a 70's era 12-piece Stainless Steel set.
Four Zildjian Fast/Projection crashes, an A Custom splash, a vintage 22" "Brilliant" medium ride and 14" "Brilliant"
Quick Beat Hi hats round out the kit.

Swingaires, various rock projects and Theater Work
  John uses the Black Glass Glitter 8-piece kit (above).
For various pop and rock projects and the Swingaires, John uses many variations of the Ruby Glitter 12-piece (below).
For theater work, John uses various configurations of the Gretsch "Black Widow" kit.

Gretsch "Black Widow" kit
The "V" - My latest kit.

Other equipment John uses:
Peavey monitors and mixers, Shure 56, 57 and 98 mics and  Sennheiser 421, Shure Beta 52 & 91 mics for kicks.
A multitude of Latin Percussion products for all of those crazy sounds
coming out of the orchestra pit. SKB, Gator and Anvil cases.
A Roland SPD-S sampling pad and a Boss metronome

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