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Hello again everyone. It's been a long time. I needed to take some time off from everything. Everything was catching up to me and I had to decompress. Had some health issues,(Sciatica and 13 stitches in my hand from an accident) but have completely recovered. Stephanie and I got married in Hawaii on March 29th. We had her entire family over in Maui and it was absolutely beautiful. We've been remodeling mom and dad's house since the wedding. First the kitchen and we've just finished the first bath. Ready to take on the second one. AND!!!! We've added a new addition to our family. Emma was born on October 6th, 2015 and she's a beautiful eleven month old yellow Labrador Retriever. What a handful!!!
Waterloo played their last show at Victory Park on August 17th. Just not enough commitment from the rest of the players to keep it going. Sad and frustrating but true. When an agent calls for ten dates and we can only do one, there's a problem. I want to thank those involved in the Waterloo project that kept it going for eleven years and especially our very supportive and devoted fans!!!!
Anyway...I will be starting up Pitch Black again. I'm VERY excited about this project. I started it a couple of years ago and never really got off the ground. Need a couple of singers, male and female, and a couple of serious guitar players, so it will take some time. As always.....
 For the first time in over a year I'll be over at Stockton Civic Theater in September  doing Sister Act. Should be a great upbeat show. Lots of Disco!!! Hopefully I'll be over at SCT a little bit more in the future.
I will certainly try and keep the updates a little more frequent. Take care everyone and hope to see you out there at a show somewhere.

    JSW  9-12-16

Sorry this is so late....Lots of personal issues in my life right now. I have found a wonderful woman and she and I will be getting married later this summer. Plans are to go to Hawaii for that...but....Mom isn't doing too well. She went into the hospital for a leg stent and promptly went downhill from there. We're trying determine what the best course of action to take. Home care vs. long term care somewhere else. Major decisions...along with wanting to move ourselves and start the second chapter of my life.......I've decided to break up Pitch Black for now. Extremely difficult to find a singer. Wasn't really too happy with what was going on and decided to move on but NOT TO GIVE UP ON THE IDEA!! It's still there but a different priority right now........The Swingaires have been auditioning both male and female singers. Doesn't look like we'll have one for the Park Concert this year. That date is July 22nd at Victory Park in Stockton.......Next up for me soon will be the Stockton Civic Theater production of Legally Blonde. I did this show for Lincoln High school a few years ago. Will need a bit bigger kit for the show...especially extra toms. Really fun show to play. Great energy with it.......There was a point a while back that I thought I would let Waterloo go but after a couple of shows and being reminded how wonderful it is to play with these great musicians, we're going to keep going.......I'm afraid we've possibly played our way out of the "clubs" around here, although we may throw one in here or there, but this is a VERY SPECIAL year for the band. It is our 10th anniversary and I'll be the first to say that I'm so proud to be a part of this group. A ton of bands barely make it past the first year. I think it's a testament to the great music we play and that it has such a broad age range appeal.......We have a couple of surprises for the Park Concert this year (Aug 19th). We certainly hope to see all of you out there........The band has also started working with a promoter from southern California. He has some nice theaters in the Bay Area. Check out the calendar section for the new dates. One at the end of this year and a couple next spring........In a couple of weeks, We'll be going to a Whitesnake concert in San Francisco. It will be very special for me because the drummer is none other than Tommy Aldridge. 65 year old powerhouse of a man and my biggest influence in rock drumming. I just hope to be playing like that when I turn 65. What an accomplishment!!!........On a sour sad note....I left the band Rouge a couple of weeks ago. Let's just say I needed to move on. As you can tell, I'm kinda trimming some fat in my life. Just really time to move on and enjoy life. That's all for now. See you at a future show!!!    JSW  6-2-15


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